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My signature 'First 100 Days' programme supports new Heads and Directors with all aspects of stepping up into an exciting new role so you can be recognised as the leader you always knew you could be.  

Meeting fortnightly over four months, here's how we'll work together:


We start by nailing down exactly what success means in this new role, looking at what’s most important to you, your team and your organisation.  We’ll tap into your motivations and draw on existing resources and strengths that you can leverage as you start your new role.


Here we’ll explore what reputation you want to build, considering your ‘personal brand’.  We’ll review what you’ve been known for in the past and what you want this to be in the future.  You will craft a clear vision for how you want to be seen, linked to your definition of success and identify specific actions you can take towards achieving this.


With growing information, requests, and expectations on all angles, it’s crucial to to be clear on which activities will make the biggest impact and keep focused on those.  You’ll identify your top 3 priorities for the year ahead and create an action plan to keep these moving forward despite other demands on your time and attention.


When you know your key priorities and what’s most important to deliver, it’s important to identify the stakeholders who will be critical to your success, considering both their likely impact on the project and current level of interest in it. We’ll explore how to build authentic and impactful relationships that enable you to grow your desired reputation whilst delivering business results.


As we come to the end of our time together we’ll gather feedback from your peers, team, manager and top stakeholders as well as any advice they’d like to share.  This feedback, along with your own reflections and self-awareness, will form the basis for your Personal Development Plan and mean that you have the tools to continue learning independently once our time is over.

Alongside each of the steps above...

As expectations begin to rise - quite possibly changing from person to person, one week to the next - there will inevitably be in-the-moment challenges you face while trying to stay on track with your priorities. 

We’ll reflect on quick wins and success so far as well as exploring what else you can do to manage expectations, free up additional resources and spend time on how you are feeling in the midst of all the change so you can be energised and engaged.

£2,450 for corporate sponsored programmes.  Leaders who are self-funding, get in contact for concession prices.

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Customised to your exact needs

Want to work together in a different way?

Coaching is one of the most personalised forms of development and I'd be happy to discuss any specific goals or challenges you (or someone in your team) is facing so that we can create a customised programme that's tailored exactly to your needs.