Team Meeting


Are you feeling concerned that your leadership team aren’t all on the same page and moving in the same direction?

Maybe you come home at night exhausted after revisiting yet another issue from months ago that was never fully resolved?   Or maybe you wake up in the morning and sigh as you think ahead to your day full of meetings, not convinced they will actually move things forward.

Then it’s time for you to book in a Team Dynamics workshop to understand why your leaders are still working in silos even though they all agree that collaboration is important.  

You’ll learn why it can feel like everyone is talking a different language, and also why it takes so long to make a decision and get things done… all in just three hours.

At the end your leadership team will know:

  1. More about themselves - their drivers, everyday behaviours, and how they show up under pressure

  2. More about each other - what this looks like for the rest of your group and how they see situations

  3. How they can all ‘take a step towards’ each other, when they view things differently

During the workshop, each team member will receive their own personal profile. After the session, everyone will receive a 1:1 debrief to go through their profile in more detail and explore how to use these insights.

£2,500 for a team of eight

Online Conference


My 1:1 coaching programmes support Heads and Directors to create a vision of who they want to be as a leader, in the context of their organisation.

Meeting monthly for 90 minute sessions, over a period of six-months, here's how we'll work together: 



Being brilliant at what you do starts with being crystal clear on what 'brilliant' looks like.  We'll dive into what's most important to you in your role, and why it matters.  We'll laser in on the 3 ways you'll know you've made an impact, and use these as an anchor to keep focused and reduce overwhelm.  We'll assess where you are now, and how you'll know you've reached your goals.


You work in a dynamic environment and need to grapple with continuous change.  Knowing what challenges you face and being able to see these in a helicopter view means you can tackle them comprehensively.  Whether it's influencing stakeholders, keeping workloads manageable for your team, or letting go of perfectionism without dropping quality standards, you need to see your problems to solve them.


Performing at your best in a uniquely you way means drawing on your strengths.  Even the ones you may have neglected or forgotten about.  You'll learn more about your motivations, day to day behaviours and how you show up under pressure.  You'll be able to choose how to use and maximise your natural strengths to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.


You know what 'brilliant' looks like, you know where you are now and what you want to achieve.  You're clear on the challenges you need to navigate (which will evolve) and the strengths you can draw on.  It's time to create solutions that will let you've closer to your goal AND grow as you do so.  You'll have the difficult conversations, make decisions, reallocate resources, maintain boundaries and deliver business objectives.

Each time you take action, you'll learn from what worked, what didn't, and who you are as a leader.

  • Find out if my approach is the right one for you, with no obligations

    45 min